Transmission Interrupted

Transmission Interrupted

Short Feature | 2014 | Writer, Producer, Director, VFX


A massive solar storm has sent a stream of charged particles crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. To protect the planet’s infrastructure all electricity and radio communications have been taken off-line. With planes unable to fly, a highly strung father is left looking after his two sons while his ex-wife is stranded on the other side of the planet.


Cast and Crew

Richard Matthew Springett
Harry George Wood
Matt Harry Brannan
Harry's Granddad Brian Wright
Ali Elise Verney
Ali's Mum Jenny Walters
Harry and Matt's Mum Vicky Lawford

Writer, Producer, Director Samuel Marlow
Director of Photography Mark Webster
Production Assistant Connor Plane
Camera Assistant Georgina Davies-Knight


Production Company Ephemeral Short Film Co.
Running Time 35′ 00″
Rating TBC
Colour Colour
Language English
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Format HD (1080p)
Sound Stereo
Release Date 2014
Country England, UK