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Batman Forever? How the Bale/Nolan Bruce Fails to Develop

Batman Forever

Published 17th August 2012
The Dark Knight Rises has come and gone, but looking back over the series has Bruce Wayne developed since he first decided to put on the Batman cowl in the first film?
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What (If Anything) Does A Writer Owe His* Source Material?

Source Material

Published 27th July 2012
The BBC has trailed the final series of its "reimagining" of the Arthur/Merlin legend. With so many alterations, does a writer owe anything to his or her source material, or is it all free to be modified?
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The Sum of its Parts - Narrative Problems with Anthology Films

Anthology Films

Published 9th July 2012
As Samuel Marlow writes his own anthology (of sorts), he considers how the cumulative effect of sequential stories can be emotionally exhausting on the audience.
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The "Write What You Know" Fallacy


Published 18th June 2012
Much advice is given to new writers. One of the most "sound-bitey" is to "Write what you know", but what does this mean and is it always good adivce?
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I Hate the "Found Footage" Movement

Found Footage

Published 8th June 2012
The found footage movement has had several hig-profile new movies recently. While the filmmakers often say it is to create a sense of verisimilitude, does its own logic work against it?
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Do Sci-Fi and Fantasy Describe Opposite Ends of Humanity?

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Published 18th May 2012
Could some of the animosity between fantasy and sci-fi fanshave to do the seemingly incompatable world views espoused by the respective movements?
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Why Real Horror Should Only Be Scary Once and Get a 12A Cert

Real Horror

Published 8th May 2012
Horror films have always been contentious, but after watching Joe Dante's The Hole, Samuel Marlow reassesses the role of the genre.
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One Thousand Two Hundred Word Review of Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble

Published 3rd May 2012
Marvel's Avengers Assemble managed to fo a good job of entertaining despite the source material. Samuel Marlow looks at some of the narrative and script tricks used.
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Looking into the Nightwell (An account of Sleep Paralysis)

Monsters from the Id

Published 29th April 2012
"Monsters from the Id!" After a few late nights, Samuel Marlow recounts an experience of Sleep Paralysis in which he saw his own subconscious.
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Star Wars' Shifting Archetypes...

Star Wars

Published 15th April 2012
...and Why It Really Is As Good As People Think. What is it that appeals to so many people, and how do the characters roles change as the films go on?
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